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Sara Welling

Actor, singer, voice actor and yoga instructor. I am also a mother to a young boy. We live in lovely Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

Over the years, working in many different fields, I have identified my strengths and what I am truly passionate about.


I am very fortunate that I have been able to work in many different fields. It suits my spontaneous and curious nature that seeks and explores creativity in all forms.


Welcome to my website and to learn more about the work I do!


in many fields

I have 20 years of work experience in the field of performing arts.. I have a master's degree in Theater Arts (TeM 2012). and became a certified yoga instructor in 2018.


Post Theatre Academy graduation, my journey continued in the realms of yoga and embodiment, where I discovered a second profession. Art and yoga, complementing each other beautifully, turned me into an instrument expressing, delivering, and creating through diverse methods.

From all this comes my slogan, a little wordplay in Finnish. which refers to my name and the many sources of creativity inside of me:"Luova monella Saralla."

My company, Sawel Arts Oy, was established in 2020. Through Sawel Arts Oy, I offer acting, voice acting, singing and yoga guidance services.

Let's do creative work together!

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