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Tämä ääni on munSARA Welling
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In October 2023, Sara Welling released her debut album "Tämä ääni on mun" and the songs dive into contemporary themes of exploring the essence of living a life of personal choice and freedom.

How to be alone and together

How to be here and in the world

At the same time

With light and shadow playing in harmony




The "Art Pop" music, moving across diverse genres, is masterfully composed by musician Tuomas Hautala. Hautala has created unique musical landscapes around Welling's intimate lyrics. The music is filled with powerful instrumental expression, combined with a cheerful sense of joy, happiness, and self-irony. Above all, the performance offers an empowering experience, providing inspiration and prompting reflections on one's own life, all while celebrating life’s light and shadow.

Sellainen tarinaSARA Welling
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Sara Welling Band

The duration of the performance is 60 minutes. The concert is suitable for small and intimate private events as well as filling a larger stage. The composition of the show can be modified to suit the needs of the customer, from a duo to a band of 4-6 people.

Sara Welling - Vocals / lyrics 
Tuomas Hautala - Keyboards, accordion, backing tracks, backing vocals
Aleksi Kaufmann - Guitar / Cello, backing vocals 
Silva Kallionpää – Violin, backing vocals

Jape Karjalainen / Jussi Koskinen - Bass

Sami Kontola / Ricardo Padilla - Percussion

The next public gig

17.8 klo 15-16 Sara Welling duo

Kielon konsertti, Kerava

Sara Welling
Sara Welling Band
Sara Welling
Sara Welling Band
Hengen ja tiedon messut 2023
Sara Welling Band
Tämä ääni on mun -levyjulkkarit Kuvaaja: Antti RIntala
Sara Welling Band
Tämä ääni on mun -levyjulkkarit Kuvaaja: Antti RIntala
Silva Kallionpää
Tuomas Hautala
Tämä ääni on mun -levyjulkkarit Kuvaaja: Antti RIntala


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