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Sara Yoga

Yoga is the art of living in the human body and mind. In yoga, I consider it important to create breath and movement from the inside.


We each have our own unique way

breathe and create new and life.


Internal pulse and rhythm. A unique way of being and creating.


Yoga is one way to get closer to the question:

Who am I?



I instruct yoga trainings and workshops and work as a substitute instructor

  •  I have taught in include: Joogakoulu Shanti, Pihasali, HimaHappiness, Ilo Tribe, and Studio Soleil

  • My own yoga concept: Creative Yoga (workshops and trainings)

  • Yoga festival at Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki, in 2020: Creative yoga concept


Ydinnaiset jatkokoulutus, Marjo Wuorisalo, Yoga Source (2022-2023)

Reiki 3, Marjo Wuorisalo, Yoga Source (2022)

Reiki 2, Marjo Wuorisalo, Yoga Source (2021)

Reiki 1, Marjo Wuorisalo, Yoga Source (2020)

Source Somatics further education 45 hours,

Yoga Source (Yacep 2020)

Source Somatics basic education 80 hours,

Yoga Source (Yacep 2018-2019)

Yoga teatcher education, Shanti (2017-2018)

Yoga instructor eduation RYT 500, Yoga Source (2014-2016)

Kundalini Yoga teatcher education, Taso 1.





In my yoga classes, I often use the sound world to support the exercise. I am an actor by my second profession and have been involved in theater and music all my life - creating and telling stories comes naturally to me.


I enjoy being with people, community and sharing.

For me, yoga is a way to create stories together - Every yoga class is a journey to somewhere new - the unknown.

We tell and live stories with our bodies. Man as a whole is an instrument with enormous potential to express, live and create. Art of life in its own way and with its own look. Yoga is a path to creativity and freedom.

I have attended several yoga trainings and apply methods from the world of yoga and art in my work. I always guide from my inner source, using the foundation of hatha yoga as a support.

It is important for me to convey a safe, gentle, exploratory and permissive atmosphere in my yoga classes - everyone is welcome to my yoga class as themselves, with their body and their story.

I announce on this website e.g. about possible future workshops and yoga courses.


I'm not holding classes regularly at this moment.



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